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Writing & Sketching

Comics Symposium

I continued to experiment with different styles and media of drawing this week. From the very beginning, I wanted to play with style in my thesis project and going to the comics symposium last week really inspired me. It was interesting to see how the artist purposefully utilized a more sketch-like style for his book. He also said that he wasn't particularly concerned with the legibility of the drawings and texts, which I found to be an interesting creative choice because over the years it has kind of been drilled into me that legibility is a top priority. I guess it also depends on how large of an audience you want to reach with your work.

Writing & Plot

I decided to go with the idea of having a non-linear timeline, but I also wanted the story to still roughly follow Freytag's pyramid. I wrote down all of the "chapters" that I'm planning on writing with their keywords on index cards and arranged them in a way where the events are chronologically out of order, but the overall arc still contains all of the key plot elements. In the pictures below, the 1st column (from left to right) is the exposition, the 2nd and 3rd columns are the rising action, and the last column contains the climax, falling action, and ending. I've also divided the story into 2 parts (each of the pictures is one part) just in case it ends up being too long, so I can just focus on one part for my thesis. I want to try to keep each chapter short so that I can get the entire thing done, but I think a couple of them will be much longer than the other ones, so at the moment I'm keeping my plan and schedule flexible.

While I was writing I started sketching some thumbnails just to keep track of my ideas but also to get a sense of how long the chapters might be. This chapter that I nicknamed "call" is a shorter chapter, and I drew 5 spreads for it (the first 2 thumbnails are different versions of the same spread). A lot of the pages are just short texts with large blank spaces for creating atmosphere, but this chapter is also the protagonist's internal monologue, and one of the less action-intensive chapters, so I think it requires fewer visuals. With some of the later chapters that I have planned, I think the spreads will be much busier and take longer to draw.


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