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Storytelling and Exercises

I have decided to go with the "fear" idea for my thesis, and I've started writing this week. I thought that once I started putting down words the plots would naturally come together, but the writing process was more challenging then I thought it would be. I kept getting inspirations for specific, fragmented scenes and dialogues but I've been struggling to connect them. What I think I'm going to do for now is just write out all of the scenes that I have in mind without being too concerned with how they fit into the overall plot line. After I have a collection of scenes, then I can start to arrange them together and fill in the spaces. I'm also thinking that this non-linear way of working could potentially be mirrored in the actual story-telling. My original thought was to tell the story in chronological order, but it could be interesting to incorporate a non-linear or maybe symmetrical timeline.

I did the first half of the "How To Say Everything" exercises, and I quite enjoyed how I was able to let go of unconscious restrictions that I place on myself. I liked how some of the questions build upon one another and guided me to discover my thinking patterns. There were a series of questions about drawing self-portraits that were fascinating. When I got to the "low self" portrait, I found that I immediately slowed down and drew much more carefully and restrictively, especially in comparison to the previous question, which was a scribble/abstraction portrait where I just went crazy without thinking much.


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