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NY Art Book Fair

I really enjoyed seeing the sheer variety of books that I saw at the book fair. I talked to some of the artists and it seemed like for most of them these books were passion projects, so they had complete freedom to explore whatever concept they had. A lot of the books that I was interested in were comics and narrative zines, but I also found a few that were more abstract, visual/aesthetic expressions of specific concepts like "mountain" or "geometry." I was also really interested in seeing how different artists went about binding their books and how those techniques affected the way I interacted with the books. The books that had more unique ways of binding felt more like objects to me because they had an additional layer of materiality on top of the visuality. With the books that had simple saddle-stitch or stapled bindings, my focus was more on the contents, and the papers were just carriers for those contents. Both types were effective in their own ways.


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