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Drawings and second draft

Second Draft

I am currently working on the second draft. The process mostly involves editing the language and word choices as well as cutting out sentences that I think do not add anything to the visuals that I have in mind. I think a lot of the story could be told through subtle details in the drawings, so I'm trying to edit out redundant textual information.

Chapter 2

I've also been thinking about what style chapter 2 could be in, and I think a combination of acrylic and digital could work well in terms of texture and layers, and conveying a sense of surrealism. I have experimented with this style a little previously, where the background is acrylic painting and the character is added digitally on top. This is not exactly what I want chapter 2 to look like, but it is a start and the contrast between the character and the setting is definitely something that I'm aiming for.


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