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Chapter 1 Cover Thumbnails

I drew some thumbnails for the cover of chapter 1. I'm mainly considering 2 directions, one is to have all of the chapter covers be connected, and the other is to have the cover represent only the content of that specific chapter.

Option 1: all the covers connect

For all of the chapter covers, the main character is sitting at a table performing an action (eg. reading, eating, napping, etc.). Then in a later chapter (possibly the last chapter), in which we flashback to before the main character's father died, the story will directly follow the chapter cover and we see the main character stand up and walk away from the table.

Option 2: cover represents the content of the chapter

The two elements that I want to focus on for this chapter are the mirror and the reflection. With this option, I could also play with the interaction between the front and back covers more as well.


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